Creating and protecting your wealth
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Our Principles


At SME Financial Services our principals are simple - we treat clients like
we want to be treated and like we want our families to be treated - with
'honesty, trust and integrity'.
Our principals help to keep us focused on the details and remind us of the
trust that our clients have placed in our company. Our principals are first
and formost when making decisions that affect the welfare of our clients
and the direction of our business.
At SME Financial Services, our clients' interests are our first priority by
addressing our clients' needs first, we know success will follow.
'Honesty, trust and integrity' are requirements of our company, advisers,
associates, partners and clients.
Our work environments foster dynamic and innovative thinking.
Our people, associates and partners are our greatest asset and we
continually encourage new, creative and better ways to assist clients.
Team work and communication drives our clients' success.


News & Updates

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