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SME Corporate Services is a professional service providing efficient, timely and seamless establishment of your needs associated with companies, SMSFs, trusts and HR Policy and Procedures Manual.
Introducing SME Corporate Services; HR Policies and Procedures Manual the first in a series of new HR service documents. Our services helps small and medium sized businesses to set comprehensive HR policies and procedures for their organisations, even tailor the documents to your needs. Keep your business compliant and with best practices.
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SME Corporate Services meets all of your 'company' setup requirements including registration, restructuring and variations needs, even addressing issues you may not have thought of;

SME Corporate Services provides the most up to date new Self Managed Super Fund Trust Deeds, Updated Self Managed Super Funds Trust Deeds to ensure compliance, along with other significant structure and changes required by Self Managed Super Funds. 
The ease or complexity of your requirements may be restricted to provision of only one service or can be across several sectors incorporating various services.
SME Corporate Services can assist you to build a corporate structure; e.g. holding company or corporate trustee, trading discretionary trust to protect assets, income and IP, maybe a discretionary trust to receive and hold personal income and assets. Processes such as these can be established based on your specific requirements.
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