Creating and protecting your wealth
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Wealth Planning

Our intimate understanding of our clients is what allows SME Financial Services to provide high level financial management. Our Wealth Planning Team draws on the experience as Financier, Portfolio Manager, Investment and Insurance Professionals to develop a Comprehensive Wealth Plan that documents the specifics of your situation and identifies solutions that are aligned with your goals and objectives.


Pure financing for wealth planning may take a modular approach, addressing very specific needs such as Property Acquisition, Equity, Debt Management or Budgeting. Alternatively, clients mostly prefer to complete a Comprehensive Wealth Management Plan that addresses all aspects of their personal, family, business and financial situation.


The culmination of these services is an educated client who understands - sometimes for the first time - their relationship with money, their current position, and the plan, or roadmap for turning retirement and lifestyle dreams into reality.   


To learn more, please contact our office and we will schedule an introduction to our wealth planning processes.
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